We are anticipating the best summer yet here at Grace!

It is jam packed with loads of activities for all ages - and we are kicking it all off with a BBQ on June 25th! Check out the events below for the details you will need to know about each of them, and who to contact if you have any further questions!

Here's whats going down!

There is a lot going on this summer, and we are excited for it! We have 2 summer interns that will be helping make all of this happen and we are very grateful to have them!

It is worth noting that some of these events carry some bigger price tags for us as a community. Camp sponsorships are a huge deal for us here at Grace as we believe that no one should miss out on Summer Camps because of finances. That coupled with the fact that we did not receive some of the summer grants that we anticipated/normally receive, we are looking to raise some extra funds going into the summer. If you are seeking financial help to send your kid(s) to camp, please reach out! And if you are interested in finically supporting the best summer yet here at Grace, there is a donate button below! We appreciate your generosity in advance, and excited for all that is in store this summer!