Our Missionaries

We long to be a Church that is involved in Mission. Here are the Missionaries that we are currently in partnership with. For more information on the things going on in their ministries, check out the link in their profile.


Rod & Kaja corcoran

Location: Estonia

Ministry Focus:  The Corcoran family is working in Estonia as partners of the EKNK (Estonia Christian Pentecostal Church). The EKNK has over 30 churches across Estonia. Rodney serves the EKNK by bringing a focus on leadership development of current and potential leaders. Leadership development is a passion of Rodney's as he is working in partnership with local leadership in planting a fulltime Bible school. The Bible school was officially launch in September 2016. The Corcoran family provides the current link between the PAOC and EKNK that has existed since PAOC global worker (missionary) Allan Laur was one of the EKNK's founding fathers. 

Rodney also runs a personal ministry aimed at Estonians in the business community. The Corcoran family loves serving. The Corcoran family loves serving the nation of Estonia. Kaja is a native Estonian with a heart and passion for the people of her country.

The Corcorans have two daughters, two sons. Emily Kaisa, Mattias Joseph, Dominik Krister, and Kristabel Stella.

Ministry History: Rodney came to Estonia in 1999 on a short terms missions trip. Over the course of 9 days Rodney's heart was moved for the young people of Estonia. Rodney moved in 2000 to Estonia to work with local leadership in establishing youth ministries in Estonia. Over the years the Corcoran's ministry has shifted from youth to the development of leaders and church planting.



Ministry Location: Russia

Ministry Focus: Alexey and Tonia are the lead pastors of a church plant in the city of Gorno-Altaisk.  Alongside their main focus, Tonia teaches English privately to both children and adults, and Alexey provides counseling and consulting to people in the community as a practical psychologist (since January 2017).  Tonia is originally from Saskatchewan and she met Alexey in Moscow after moving there in 2002.  They are also affiliated with the Russian Assemblies of God, a long-time partner of the PAOC.

Ministry History: Alexey and Tonia had been living and working in Moscow when they heard the call to start ministry in Altai, south-central Russia and a mountainous region of Siberia.  They had been praying about adopting, and after doing volunteer work at the local orphanage for a couple years, God made it clear what they were to do.  Now, they are a family of five, with each of their children joining them as pre-teens.  Dmitry is the oldest, and joined the family in 2012.  Alyona and Losha are biological siblings and joined them in 2015.



Ministry Location: Zambia, Africa

Ministry Focus:  Sergio and Nancy are the directors of Villages of Hope (VOH) - Africa. They are currently providing care to over 3,500 orphaned and vulnerable children in nine African locations: Burundi, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania (two locations), Zambia (three locations) and Zimbabwe. The ministry of Village of Hope brings "Hope for Today, Tomorrow and Eternity."  The gospel message and discipleship are at the centre of all that is done. The care provided includes community-based education, health care and feeding programs. Children's homes are also provided for orphans who have no safe place to live. 

Sergio and Nancy moved to Kitwe, Zambia, in April 1999, where the first VOH was established. Today their main responsibilities include providing training, support and leadership to each VOH location and ensuring that best practices are being followed so that all of the children are receiving quality care. Working very closely with national leadership, the Bersaglios focus on developing strong Christian leaders at each VOH location to ensure that the ministry is sustainable and well managed and that all children are loved and cared for.

Ministry History: The first Village of Hope was opened in Kitwe, Zambia, in 1999, a response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic that left many children orphaned and vulnerable. It was located next to Racecourse, a large shanty compound teeming with children. The site began with free education for children of the nearby community who had no other access to education, and a children’s home to provide care for orphans. In five years, this VOH grew from one orphan home and a single classroom into a fully functional care facility for children in need in Zambia.

Since then, due to growing national and international support for Villages of Hope - Africa's holistic approach, and the growing need, Villages were opened in other sub-Saharan countries, from Zambia to Zimbabwe, Malawi, Kenya, Burundi and Tanzania.


Thomas Spiridigliozzi

Ministry Location:

Ministry Focus:Thomas Spiridigliozzi is the National Director of NLI Canada and member of Next Level International (NLI) Network. Previously, he has served 15 years in senior leadership roles within the Pentecostal Assemblies of God (PAOC) and has been a guest speaker both nationally and internationally with a desire to help serve the vision for Europe.



Ministry Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Ministry Focus: Tammy’s passion for seeing young adults serve God and others led her to develop Segue, a student group at the University of Manitoba.

“Segue”, meaning smooth transition from one thing to the next, focuses on seeing students transition well, building faith community and addressing injustices like human trafficking, poverty, and food security. In 2013 Segue expanded to include Red Frogs initiatives on campus where teams creatively serve thousands of students.

Tammy’s heart is to disciple students and walk out the love of God. You might find her in the campus community garden, investing in the life of students over coffee, handing out food and beverages at a Red Frogs event, teaching a study or planning an initiative with students to combat injustice. Tammy is also a student at the University of Manitoba which helps in maintaining an understanding of the unique rhythms and challenges of student life. Her love for God and others is contagious and inspires others to search, learn and grow.


North End Family Centre

Ministry Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba 

Ministry Focus: The North End Family Centre began as an idea of our Founder & Executive Director Kyle Mason. After seeing a lack of community-based services in the Luxton and St. John's sections of the North End, Kyle decided to meet with community members and leaders to determine what gaps in service existed. As a result, programs were created to meet needs in the community rather than duplicating existing programs offered by other organizations and churches.

From September 2008 to January 2009, research and preliminary planning was conducted, followed by the first Board of Director's meeting in March 2009. Initial fundraising, awareness raising, and events occurred between March 2009 and August 2009. The lease for our first location (1322 Main) was signed in September 2009 and after six weeks of renovations we opened our doors to the community in late October 2009.  In October 2015, our first location was closed in preperation of our second and much bigger location (1344 Main), which opened December, 2015.