We long to be a Church that is involved in Mission in our city, and around the world. These are the fine individuals who are our current partners in missions. For more information on the things going on in their ministries or to find out how to connect with them,  click on a photo below. 

Our annual Bloomers fundraiser that supports each of the following missionaries is on now! Click here for a link to the order sheets and information. All orders are due April 22nd. 

  Sergio & Nancy Bersaglio  - Zambia

Sergio & Nancy Bersaglio - Zambia

  Rod   & Kaja Corcoran  - Estonia

Rod & Kaja Corcoran - Estonia

  Tonia & Alexey Pankov  - Russia

Tonia & Alexey Pankov - Russia

  Thomas Spiridigliozzi  - Europe

Thomas Spiridigliozzi - Europe

  Tammy Junghans  - Winnipeg

Tammy Junghans - Winnipeg

  North End Family Centre  - Winnipeg

North End Family Centre - Winnipeg