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Ministry Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Ministry Focus: Tammy’s passion for seeing young adults serve God and others, led her to develop Segue, a student group at the University of Manitoba.

“Segue”, meaning smooth transition from one thing to the next, focuses on seeing students transition well, build faith community and address injustices like human trafficking, poverty, and food security. In 2013 Segue expanded to include Red Frogs initiatives on campus, a ministry that allows teams to creatively serve thousands of students.

Tammy’s heart is to disciple students and walk out the love of God. You might find her in the campus community garden, investing in the life of students over coffee, handing out food and beverages at a Red Frogs event, teaching a study or planning an initiative with students to combat injustice. Tammy is also a student at the University of Manitoba which helps in maintaining an understanding of the unique rhythms and challenges of student life. Her love for God and others is contagious and inspires others to search, learn and grow.